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A creative and professional team…

…which offers numerical skills at the cutting edge.
The association offers a variety of top quality services, for independent productions. If you are interested by categories mentioned below, do not hesitate to contact us for a precise quote.
Graphic creation
Graphic charter, logo, visual identity, editing, web conception...
Photoshop/illustrator softwares
Commercial, official video, event video report, cultural event video, interviews, video recording…
Shot with Super 35 mm 5.7K (5720 X 3016) V-Log gamma et V-Gamut 
On-board camera 4K
Shot from sky Drone 4K 20 mpx.
Green screen /lights/Dolly/ Gyroscopic stabilizer and crane.
Final post production Cut Pro HDR, ProRes and RAW.
All format export
DCP creation
2D and 3D Composing
Translation and linguistic subtitling
Sound creation, original music, mixing and mastering…
Sound editing
Mixing and Mastering
Music composing
Music recording (instrumentalist/singing, all musical ensemble…)
Training courses
Acting, image and music, shot…
MAO (Computer aided music), orchestration, music arrangements, film music approach