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The association AFCI promotes...

The cultural events organization (Festivals, long and short films screenings, exhibitions, conferences-debates or any other activity which contributes to the film culture development).  
AFCI joins local events in various ways: image animation, buffets, conferences). 
AFCI contributes to cinema culture by directing medium and short films, holding information meetings and technical training session. 
AFCI helps independent film directors in many ways (technical and financial) for creation and screening of cinematographic works. (medium-length and short films). 
AFCI can help you buying or renting equipment by negotiating discounts with service provider: softwares and equipment for directing and screening cinematographic works;  
It provides direct contact with the association members via the association website and directory to allow information and means exchange.  
The AFCI, in its mission, and more specifically in order to develop permanent contacts between its members, can also support and federate any other association which has similar goals.
The association also offer a worldwide and exclusive distribution opportunity for short and feature films to all official short and feature film’s festival selection. See the SMR13 Festival website for more information.

AFCI Members of the AFCI, all led by passion

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President AFCI
Emmanuel is a producer, a script writer scenarist and director. He was born 23 January 1969 in Cambrai in the north of France. Mad for movies, his father offers him a Super 8 camera for his birthday when he is 10. As a self-taught man, he makes several short films and wins several international festivals awards.

In 2013, he makes a sci-fi movie entitled “Sur l’Echelle de Hynek”, and he is selected in many international festivals.

In 2014, he produces and directs « Overcast » : 9 international selections, Audience award in New York and TOP 10 in Viewster international competition among 230 movies and 47 countries represented.

In 2016 he creates the French Association for the Independent Cinema (AFCI) and the International Independent Film Festival SMR13.

In 2017, he produces and directs his first feature film « Dark Patch » and signs his first contract for a worldwide distribution with the American Tricoast Worldwide company. The film is renamed Angels vs Zombies and it is released in the USA 29 March 2017.The distribution in Europe is coming soon.

In 2018, he writes a new script for a second feature film and signs with Tricoast Worlwide for a co-production. The shooting is planned for 2019/ T2.
Vice-Presidente AFCI
Producer, Sales representative and International Public relation manager in the AFCI (French Association for Independent Cinema).
Administrator AFCI
C.H.E.T. manager and in charge of Internationale relationships, American markets expert.
Administratrice AFCI - Comédienne, Professeur d'Allemand, Animatrice Ateliers Théâtre dans l'Education Nationale
Germaniste, passionnée de littérature, de théâtre et de cinéma, Elissa Houles a commencé le théâtre par des cours au Théâtre du Gymnase, puis au Théâtre Off à Marseille en 2000. Elle a ensuite participé à l'un des stages intensifs de l’A.R.I.A (Association des Rencontres Internationales Artistiques) et joue dans sa première pièce d'Hanokh Levin, mise en scène par Alain Batis en Corse dirigé par Robin Renucci en 2007.

Elle a également étudié pendant 11 ans à l’Ecole d’Art Dramatique de Cabriès et avec Le Contrepoint Théâtre sous la direction de Myrtille Buttner. Elle a joué dans diverses pièces de théâtre et dans plusieurs registres. Elle devient animatrice d’un atelier de théâtre et metteur en scène en milieu scolaire en 2016 en dirigeant chaque année des pièces de théâtre. Elle est actuellement en année de certification de professeur de théâtre, toujours dans l’Education Nationale.

Elle a parallèlement tourné dans divers court-métrages indépendants dont certains ont été sélectionnés ou récompensés dans des festivals de cinéma indépendant. Elle tourne son premier long-métrage Dark Patch aka Angels Vs.Zombies en 2015, réalisé par Emmanuel Saez qui est distribué à l’international par Tricoast Worldwide.

Elle est également programmatrice musicale pour Radio Woot, webradio de rock/electro underground indépendante et organisatrice d’évènements musicaux depuis de nombreuses années à Marseille.

En tant que membre actif de l’AFCI et membre du Jury, elle se réjouit de pouvoir découvrir et récompenser des réalisateurs et équipes de cinéma indépendants grâce au Festival International du Film Indépendant SMR13.
Administrator - Actor
Florent Hugon started to be a theater actor in theaters and café-theater in Nîmes. In 1996 he creates “Le Criquet”– an Improvisation drama company where he still performs. With “Le Criquet” he travels around France and in Francophone countries.
He is France vice-champion, then France champion for Improvisation, and participates to World championships in Belgium and European championships in Switzerland.
Nowadays, Florent Hugon does also coaching sessions and training courses in the south of France.

In 2011, he meets Emmanuel Saez in a short film. This is the beginning of a long collaboration on several films.
Since 2016, he has become a member of the AFCI (French Association for Independent Cinema, he has organized the International Independent Film Festival SMR13 in Saint-Mitre les Remparts. He was a Jury member of SMR13 2018 (member of Honour : John Carpenter).

In 2019, Florent will continue improvisation shows all over France and in Francophone countries. He will play a part in “The Roads of Fear”, Emmanuel Saez ‘s coming film.
Administrator AFCI - Sound engineer
Director assistant, sound engineer and producer.
Administrator AFCI - Actor, Photographer
Jean –Christophe Aubert - born in 1966 - is a photographer and an actor. He discovers the cinema universe through some walk-on parts in various independent productions in the South of France.

 In 2014, he gets his first role in “Overcast” movie directed by Emmanuel Saez. He is the film set photographer and he makes the film poster. The same year he signs his first “Actor’s Studio” contract in “Rough Cut” directed by Owen Carrey Jones.

In 2016 he works with Emmanuel Saez : he plays Pietrus, a biker-priest, one of the seven templars. The same year he appears in “Violence” by Gabriel Targues. He then attends Acting face camera training sessions.

2017 he appears in “Smell the Funk” by Gabriel Targues and plays the part of a judiciary police chief in the short film“Non Sense” by Daniel Demimieu.
Administrator - Animator
Animator and singer at the SMR13 International Independant Film Festival each year.
Administrator AFCI - Actor
Laurent Cerulli was trained in the Actor’s Studio of Nice according the Stanislavski method, under Christine Datnowsky’s direction (A. Voulsinas’s assistant, New York Actor’s Studio rep. in Paris)  
He joins Theatrazur theater company, under Jaromir Knittl, a drama teacher teaching “dramatic art” in La Sorbonne, previously teaching in Cours Saint Florent in actors training courses.

Laurent plays small parts in short and medium-length movies one after the other. Among them, “Overcast” directed by Emmanuel Saez and “Backlash” directed by Sylvian Pelissier, both awarded in several festivals.

He then plays in several feature films and series of French or international production : “Thanato”, at Gérard Meylan and Chantal Lauby’s side, “Inavouables”, “Et si je t’aime”, “Rough Cut” and “Winter War” , “La vengeance aux yeux clairs”, “Riviera”, “Spirou and Fantasio” (as Christian Clavier’s body double) (...)

He is also a theater actor:
Dramu’scules by Thomas Bernhard, directed by Jaromir Knittl.
“L’Ours” d’Anton Tchekov, directed by Philippe Lecomte.
« Molière n’est pas mort, written and directed by Philippe Lecomte.
« Mademoiselle Julie » Sternberg directed by Eva Destal.
Administrator AFCI - Actor
Everything starts with David Aboucaya film maker. He is his main actor of a dozen short films . he will be awarded “Best actor” for “Soldat” in 1997.
Then, he plays in a feature film: he will be US Sergeant Randy Palumbo in “Cross Roads” by the same director, film distributed worldwide by US Koan.

Then he plays the title role in David Aboucaya’s second feature film “Last Blues” : he personifies Franck Di Angelo, an Italian mafioso. He is nominated for the “Best new actor” at the US Action International festival in 2015 in Los Angeles.

In 2014, he meets Emmanuel Saez director on « Overcast » in which he plays an elite police officer. In 2016, he is back on 3rd David Aboucaya feature film entitled “Winter War” in which he is Caporal Henaq, main character. The film is nominated 5 times in Las Vegas in 2017.

In 2016 as well, he is Zacharie, a modern templar in “Dark Patch” (AVZ) Emmanuel Saez first feature film.

For 2019, he will be a gangster again (Anton Matera) in “The Roads of Fear” - Emmanuel Saez second feature film, a Franco-American production. End of 2019, he will cross passes with David Aboucaya in “Behind” his 4th feature film on process: he will perform Adam Prisse , an unsighted man.
Treasurer AFCI
Treasurer of the association and organizer of the festival SMR13 every year.
Administrator AFCI
A student in Art and Culture at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, Shanna Molina had a passion for film transmitted from her father from an early age. She spent six months in Australia studying Hollywood cinema and advertising and public relations at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. 
Member of the Independent Film Association for two years now, she has been a member of the jury of the SMR13 of the year 2017. She participates in the following editions as Community Manager.
Secretary AFCI, Professor of Letters and English
Sophie Plainemaison-Aubert was born in 1966, she was a managing assistant for American and Italian companies in France and in Morocco. Since 2004, she has been teaching French Literature and English in l’Argensol Vocational School.
In 2014 she discovers the cinema “backstage” as a photo assistant but also as a translator and interpreter. In 2016 she meets Emmanuel Saez on “Dark Patch”. She offers to translate subtitles.
Since the International Independent Film Festival SMR13 creation, she is charge of a partnership between the festival and l’Argensol vocational school which provides the award trophies for the Festival.
Administrator AFCI - Costume Designer
Flamenco dancer at the base, Thierry Molina makes his debut as a show costume designer for Club Med. He progressed quickly in the group and became a stylist and choreographer, then head of animation. He goes around the world then the holiday villages in France. 
Passionate about film costume, Thierry offers his help to Emmanuel and is immediately at work. He designs and realizes himself all the costumes of the film, to the smallest detail, shoes, jewels, headdresses, and other accessories and works in close collaboration with Emmanuel from drawings. 
He is also couturier on the set for retouches but also dresser, with the small care with the actors.
Secretary AFCI - Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator
Already known in short films world, Valentin Simonelli understands the needs of demanding filmmakers with ease. He signs his first original soundtrack at the age of 18 in 2010. The film wins the Young Public award at FIFAV (Montpellier, France).
Since then, he wrote the original soundtrack for more than 40 movies, that has allowed him to be nominated and awarded.
In 2014, he was nominated at the International Sound and Film Music Festival (Samobor, Croatia), in competition with the very famous Alan Silvestri (Back to the Futur, Avengers, Ready Player One...), for the documentary original soundtrack tittled “The Chookman”.
In 2015, he was selected to participate at the International Film Festival of Aubagne (France) Masterclass, led by Marc Marder.
Since 2018, he has organized the International Independent Film Festival SMR13, with the AFCI and Emmanuel Saez. He also composed “Angels Vs Zombies” aka “Dark Patch” original soundtrack.
Administrator - Professor of Theater Improvisation, Trainer to "Savoir Etre" (Know Being)
Vincent started his studies in Arts. He went to Paris to join the ENSAT (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts du Spectacle => national school for performing arts). He learns decoration set techniques and fine arts. He daily works on stages.

From his experience he is passionate about the acting. He follows his desire and joins a theater company troupe in Avignon: he will participate to creation and direction of several plays. 
At the same time, he perfects his clown approach, tries the café-theater and comedy genre. He attends many acting session workshops.

During a show, the “Criquets troupe” – a improvisation drama group from Nîmes - notices him. He learns about the techniques with them and enriches his experience.
Based on his rich experience, he runs Theater acting workshops with groups from various origins. Vincent discovers cinema acting thanks to Emmanuel Saez, “Dark Patch” script and director, in which he plays the part of Evil.

Our trusted partners

SMR13 Festival trophies
L’Argensol vocational school located in Orange has designed and made the Festival awards. Lower and Upper Sixth (10th and 11th grade) Metal Work pupils for sculpture and Microtechniques pupils for engraving and Car body painting pupils for the finishing paint touch.

Thank you so much for those beautiful creations!
SMG Records & Media Distribution
The association offers to the official selection of the festival SMR13 an opportunity for worldwide and exclusive distribution.

Visit the website of the SMR13 festival.
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Thanks to financial supports the association evolution is possible
The association benefits from financial supports thanks to the Southern Paca region but also from the “pays de Martigues” area (Aix-Marseille area) and finally from Saint Mitre Les Remparts Town Hall. Without those subsidies, the association could not develop and be efficient in its goals.

You too can support the AFCI! Any financial donation, even modest will help the association to develop and to stimulate the independent cinema. Don’t wait and become a sponsor. Thank you in advance for your help!
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